Monday, May 19, 2008

He's gotten big

My landlord saw Buddha yesterday for the first time in a number of months and said, "Wow, I barely recognized him. He was a lot smaller before.."

Buddha has gained a few unnecessary pounds and I am trying my hardest to get them off. We go on 2 long walks a day, plus 1 short walk. He eats 2 balanced meals a day and only a couple snacks. I always told myself that I would never let my pug get overweight, and now he is (a little bit) and I feel guilty.

lounging around

odd way of sleeping


Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Birthday Party

I threw Buddha a small little birthday party at home. He loved it.

Buddha's peanut butter birthday cake, from Three Dog Bakery.

I let him lick the cake for awhile. Then I took it away and cut him a piece. He was so happy.

"You all better stay away from my cake!

Chomping away on his cake

Buddha's birthday boy hat. Grandma had to hold him still in order for me to take this picture. Apparently, he doesn't like strange objects on top of his head.

Yes, I adore my dog.

I got Buddha this rubber chicken toy. Her name is Henrietta and she has a hormonal problem. Everytime you squeeze her, she makes this terrible noise. Buddha was confused and wasn't sure what to do with her. Grandma liked Henrietta more than Buddha did.

Happy little birthday boy!

Buddha turns 1!

Today, February 2nd, is Buddha's FIRST birthday!

5 weeks..

2.5 months..

4 months..

6 months..

1 year!

My little angel is all grown up!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

sleepy face/curly tail

it's sleepy time

curly tail

he loves the KONG

one of Buddha's favorite things is his Kong. i fill it with peanut butter before i go to work in the morning. he gets so excited about it that he doesn't even notice me leaving!.. which is nice b/c i hate seeing his gloomy face.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Sweater!

Buddha & I got our prize from the Pampered Puppy Photo Contest in the mail yesterday. It's a sweater from Boutique of Paws. Buddha always gets a little wild when I put clothes on him, and the sweater was no exception.

So handsome!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the morning routine

Idea copied from Panda!

Most every morning, I wake up around 7:30-8am. Buddha usually wakes up with me. Sometimes he is too exhausted, so he stays in the bed by himself while I get ready for work.


When he decides to wake up with me, he insists on sitting in the bathroom while I take my shower. He just sits there patiently on the bathroom mat, waiting for me to get done. Sometimes he falls back asleep. If I don't let him in the bathroom while I do this, he freaks out and may potentially wake up my roommates.

As I get ready to head out, Buddha turns his "somber face" on and does not stop staring at me. He knows I'm going to leave. We take a short walk, I give him a peanut butter Kong, and then I leave. Luckily I don't work too many hours each day (3-4) so he's not alone too long!